Just in case you have some lingering questions, we hope this FAQ page will be helpful.

If you are still grappling with some burning inquiries, please feel free to reach out to either of us directly. 


What time should I arrive at the party?

4pm, or 16 Uhr. Sparkling wine and hors d'oeuvres will be served on Rud-Alpe's panorama terrace starting at 4pm on Saturday the 25th of August.

What should I wear to the party?

Be comfortable. Feel free to dress up or down as you like. Austrian traditional dress (dirndls and lederhosen) will be more than appreciated. No ties required (nor will Kris be wearing one). But honestly, we want you to be comfortable. Shorts and sandals are fine, but understandably some people will want to peacock. Just be you. It's a party. There will be a photographer so keep in mind that whatever you do wear will be captured and discovered by future generations to laugh about on the internet.

In light of the distance to walk and elevation change to get to Rud-Alpe, it might be a good idea to wear walking/hiking shoes up the hill and then change into your party shoes at the restaurant. The restaurant will be closed to the public during our reserved time so there will be plenty of extra space around to stash your boots/sneakers until the walk home.

Are children invited to the party?

Yes, children are welcome to attend the party. There will be a designated area/room at the venue where we will provide a babysitter and activities. If you intend to use the babysitter services and did not yet inform Kris or Megan, please let them know ASAP!!!

How do I get to the venue? Rud-Alpe Restaurant

Rud-Alpe is not accessible by private car. Taking a taxi is possible but you will need to call ahead and please keep in mind that it will likely be very expensive. Your hotel/pension front desk manager should be able to assist you with booking a taxi.

There are 2 ways to walk to Rud-Alpe:


1) Walk straight up from Lech village (road/trail switches back and forth but still a bit of a vertical hike).

2) Walk to the Lech-Oberlech/Bergbahn in Lech, take the cable car up to Oberlech, walk across the hillside to Rud-Alpe (very scenic walk & less elevation change)

In light of the distance to walk and elevation change to get to Rud-Alpe, it might be a good idea to wear walking/hiking shoes up the hill and then change into your party shoes at the restaurant. The restaurant will be closed to the public during our reserved time so there will be plenty of extra space around to stash your boots/sneakers until the walk home.

Do I have to walk home from the party too?

Walking is probably the best option (the Oberlech/Bergbahn is not open after 6pm) but taxis can also be available if planned in advance. Keep in mind that taxi service is rather expensive in Lech. Even though it is a short distance from Rud-Alpe to the bottom of the village (probably less than 2 km), prices could range from 30-50 Euro. Again, this ride home should be planned in advance with the taxi service. Your hotel front desk manager should be able to assist.

If I don’t golf can I still attend the BBQ?

YES!! Please include your intention to attend the BBQ when you RSVP. By the same token, if you would rather hike around, swim, fish, get a massage, etc on Friday, there is no obligation to attend the BBQ. Please just let us know if we shouldn't expect you so we can provide the caterer with an accurate estimate of mouths to feed.

What if I don’t speak German?

Not usually a problem! Lech is a town that sees a lot of tourism and it is not difficult to find someone who speaks English. That said, it is always a nice gesture to know a few phrases in German to break the ice. Click here for useful phrases.

Where can I eat in Lech?

Lech is primarily a skiing village so not all restaurants in Lech are open in the summer. See the Lech-Zürs tourism website to find out who will be serving.

Do I need a reservation at restaurants?

Reservations at restaurants (even casual dining) are quite common and often necessary as it is not unusual for a table to be seated only once during lunch or dinner service (this is because they will let you hang out, chat, & have drinks for as long as you wish after your meal). Nevertheless, it is also fine to show up unannounced and ask to be seated. It is common practice in Austria and Germany to sit at the same table with strangers (e.g., if the table fits 6 people and two seats are free, you may be asked to fill the remaining two seats. Weird right? But also sort of nice.)

If you want assistance with making a reservation, feel free to ask your hotel/pension front desk. They are usually more than happy to make a recommendation and/or call ahead on your behalf.

Many restaurants in Germany and Austria will close their kitchen after lunch service and before dinner. Times can vary but typically between 2 pm & 5 or 6 pm

Is there a grocery store in Lech?

Yes, there is a grocery store in Lech called Spar.

What will the weather be like in Lech in August?

Hopefully very beautiful! Under ideal conditions, the temperature could reach into the high 70s during the day but in the evenings/night it is not unusual to drop down into the 40s. Sunscreen is still a good idea every day as the elevation will make the sun more intense even if the temperature is chilly enough to require a sweatshirt. 

Keep in mind that this is the mountains. No matter how many forecasts predict sun and 70 degrees, a snow squall dropping by unexpectedly can never be entirely ruled out.

Should I get/Do I need a Lech Card?

No, you do not NEED a Lech card but if you plan on taking advantage of the buses and/or cable cars in the region then it might be worth it to purchase one. The Lech Card can be purchased at your hotel/pension front desk.

What else is there to do in Lech besides golf? The short answer: many things!!

  • Hike. The scenery in the Arlberg is absolutely stunning. Hikes range in difficulty from very nice "beginner" trails between Lech and Zug to strenuous intermediate trails that lead to extraordinary views of the surrounding alps. In order to save some time and effort, you can also take the cable cars up and hike around at elevation and then hike or take the cable car back down. There are restaurants/huts up in the mountains where you can take breaks and/or stop for lunch. If you are so inclined, there are also cabins where you can spend the night. 

  • Mountain Biking. You can rent a bike from shops in Lech to take out on the mountain trails. There is also a special Burgwald Bike Trail which includes a designed course

  • Explore more of the Arlberg region. There are local buses that can take you to Zug (also walkable on local trails), Zürs, and St. Anton (summer bus schedules). You can pay for the buses with cash when you board or your Lech Card will cover the fare on most buses (buses to St. Anton may not be included as it is a farther trek).

  • Fishing. Lech has a beautiful fly fishing lodge, well-stocked trout pond, and the Lech River, all of which are adjacent to the golf course and can be fished for a fee.

  • Swimming Pool and Playground for the kids/family. Admission included with Lech Card

  • Lech-Zürs Wellness and Spas -  Lech is full of beautiful spa hotels that are open to non-guest visitors. Massages and treatments are quite reasonably priced (compared to big US cities). Some spas have outdoor pools with great views of the alps. Note that European etiquette usually requires full nudity in saunas and steam rooms. 
  • Family Play Park. Not open in the mornings. Includes table tennis and mini golf

Are there any unique road rules I should be aware of while in Austria/Europe?

If you are renting a car and driving to Lech, be sure to ask the rental agency whether or not your car already has a ‘vignette’ or ‘toll sticker.’

The vignette is a windshield sticker that is required for driving on the highways in Austria (if you do not take a highway then you do not need a vignette). If you are starting from another country then just make sure you stop at a gas station or convenience store before entering Austria and purchase the vignette. Do not enter Austria on the highway and take the first exit (this is where the police are waiting to pull over and fine violators - usually 150 Euro). The vignette sticker is not expensive: 9 Euro for a 10 day sticker. There is also the option for an annual vignette, but it is rather expensive (89 Euro). If you are lucky, your rental car already may have a valid annual vignette on the windshield.

**If you are coming from Switzerland: the Swiss as well require their own vignette, so be sure that you have both of them for highway driving (not required for local roads). The Swiss highway sticker comes in only an annual version and is probably around 40 CHF.

  • Be careful not to put petrol gas in a diesel car. When you pick up your rental it is useful to double-check with the agent as to whether your vehicle takes regular gas or diesel - Europeans love diesels. The manual inside the car probably won't be in English.
  • Yes, in Germany there are designated sections of the highways that have no speed limit but that is not the case in Austria. The maximum speed limit in Austria is 130 kph (about 80 mph).
  • Driving in Austria is not complicated but a little research ahead of time wouldn’t hurt.

What are some other customs I should be aware of?

  • Most restaurants will not serve you “tap” water, but if they do, don’t be surprised if there is still a charge for it on your receipt later. It is more common for a server to ask if you want sparkling or still water and they will bring it to the table in a bottle.
  • Be sure to check out at the front desk of your hotel/pension before you leave as they do not typically run your card in advance.
  • Many places are closed on Sundays. The only places open are usually restaurants.
  • Many restaurants are closed on Mondays or Tuesdays (a "rest day", or "Ruhetag"). 
  • Camping in a tent is not permitted. If you wish to stay overnight up in the mountains then please book a cabin.