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We need a head count for all those who plan to play golf.
Please indicate men's or lady's; left-handed or right-handed; and the number of each.
Even if you do not plan to play golf, please let us know how many of your party will attend the BBQ. *This event is not obligatory. Please feel free to pursue your own itinerary on Friday if you wish. We will see you on Saturday :)
Please let us know how many adults will attend the party (e.g., 2 for you and your guest)
Please let us know about any allergies or if you don't like to eat massive amount of pork and beef.
We will have special meals for kids under 12. Please let us know whether your young ones will attend the party so we have a good headcount for food.
We will coordinate for a professional babysitter(s) at the party. The play area outside and upstairs space in the chalet are good for little ones. Please let us know how many of your kids will require supervision.
It will be a long night - let us know what song you want to hear.